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Grape: Nebbiolo (Clone Lampia)


The FZ 2021 IGT - Vaira Aurelj is a remarkable red wine that is made from Nebbiolo grapes grown in the charming municipality of Narzole, near the coveted Barolo denomination.

Produced by the Vaira brothers - Francesco and Giacomo - this wine is a tribute to their dedication in combining passion, terroir, and sustainability to craft exceptional wines. 

With its impressive verticality, this wine boasts delicate tannins, exceptional length and undeniable elegance. It is a remarkable Langhe wine that is perfect for cellar-keeping and will surely impress any wine connoisseur. Without a doubt, FZ 2021 IGT - Vaira Aurelj is a must-try red wine that guarantees a sophisticated drinking experience.


FZ 2021 IGT - Vaira Aurelj

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