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Grape: Albanella 100% (Trebbiano)


Cuchèn it's a brilliant creation of Alberto Tabbei (owner and wine maker) who decide to create an original wine from an ancient grape from Marche.

Vineyards are located in the area of Staffolo (Pesaro) in the altitude of 250mt up to 380mt, soil contains a majority of sand, clay and some calcareous.

Fermentation starts into stainless tun (50hl) without any thermic system, enduring fermentation process "batonage" are often used to extract more aromatic aspect of Albanella grape. Cuchèn is unfiltred and unclarified.

This wine is very fresh with an high drinkability, sapid with scents of aromatic herbs like sage and lemon peel. 

Cuchèn is very versatile,  perfect as an aperitif and starters based on white fish and vegetables.

Cuchèn IGT 2022, Selvagrossa

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