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Grapes: Chardonnay - Pinot Nero


Anita is a complex and intriguing wine, soft and fruity, fresh and full-bodied, in short, a must-try wine.

Il Rio is located in the town of Vicchio di Mugello, on the Tosco-Romagna Apennine, definitely an area not famous for the cultivation of vine.

But just here to bet Paolo Cerrini. Orphan of Florentine birth, who in the early 90's decided to completely change life and devote soul and body to a project that at first sight could seem crazy, to plant Pinot Noir barbatelle at Mugello.

In fact, Pinot Nero, a difficult grape, was brought to Tuscany by French troops following Napoleon, and he had grabbed it well, but then abandoned for the poor yield. Paolo is a mild, friendly person who is willing to talk about his work and above all his vineyards. It has chosen this area for its special pedoclimatic conditions, terrain of clayey origin and strong thermal excursions between day and night. Today, the Rio farm develops on 2 hectares divided into two vineyards growing on clay soils. The first one is called The Rio, it has an extension of half a hectare and is located near the house of Paolo, the second called The Benches is located along a small creek that flows downstream towards the Sieve.

The vineyards that grow on clay soils are bred on guyot on lire as they do in Savoy and today next to the Pinot Noir we find Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

In the cellar, vinification takes place with partial carbon maceration and refinements in barriques.

Annita 2020, Il Rio Cerrini

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